Fluoride treatments and dental sealants keep cavities away

Sorry, cavities—you’re not welcome here! An important part of preventive dental care is protecting your child’s mouth from tooth decay, cavities, and other potential issues. Fluoride treatments and dental sealants are two effective methods we use to help protect your child’s pearly whites from future problems.

What to expect

It’s well worth the effort to provide extra protection for your child’s teeth. Here’s what you and your child can expect during your Southmoor visit.

The feel of fluoride

Fluoride varnish is painted on the top and sides of each tooth with a small brush. It’s sticky but hardens as soon as it comes into contact with saliva. Your child may feel the varnish with their tongue, but they can’t lick it off.

Sealants are simple

We clean and dry the tooth that is being sealed, isolating it from any saliva with a small cotton roll. Then we apply an etching solution to the surface of the tooth to disinfect and prep it for the sealant. No anesthetic is needed for sealant placement.